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WeekIn Review Feb. 15, 2013: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to see the end of this crazy week. And its a 3 day weekend for me since my day job office will be closed for the President’s Day Holiday on Monday. I am looking forward to catching up on sleep and some work that I missed out on this week. Yes, I did stray from my daily routine just a little and I feel like a bum for it.

One reason I fell off is because my computer decided it didn’t want to cooperate with me this week. My DVD drive completely disappeared!!! No joke! I found out it was missing when I tried to burn a DVD of my beer commercial I shot two months ago. I thought, OK that’s strange. I put it to the side and figured I would just burn it on one of the computers at church only to find that the DVD drive was missing on that computer as well. I thought I landed in the Twilight Zone. I mean how does a DVD drive or any computer drive just vanish? Well I Googled that very question and found that occurrence was very common. It was caused by an update from Windows and luckily I found a solution to the problem.

Things really got hairy when my mother’s computer crashed and restored itself back to factory settings and changed her log-on password. So as if I my hands were not full enough I had to fix her laptop as well as mine.

Now any computer owner who has the operating system Windows Vista or newer knows that if you forget you password there is absolutely nothing Windows or you computer manufacturer can do about it. You need a password reset disk in order to reset your password. Where do you find a password reset disc? Well here is a clue, it does not come with the computer. You have to make your own when you first purchase the computer, before you forget your password. Oh by the way, no one tells you to create a password reset disk until you need it, helpful right?

So once again I turned to Google to figure out how to reset her password without the password reset disk. I found a website that suggested some password crack and/or reset software that essentially hacks into the computer and will either tell you the password or just erase it so you can create a new one. In order to use that software, I had to burn a disk with an ISO file from another computer then run the program on her computer. Well that meant that I had to fix my computer before I could fix her’s. Luckily, I was successful with restoring my DVD drive however the password restore software I burned wasn’t as successful on my mother’s computer. In the end, I had to manually restoring her computer back to factory settings.

Fixing those computers proved to be a set back for me this week. I am not really a computer expert, I am more of a “fake it til you make it” kind of expert so it was a real hassle trying to fix both of those computers. I really need to just replace my computer all together. It is almost five years old and that’s a century in computer years. It still works but it is very obsolete and plagued with various viruses. Basically, there is a 70% chance it will just act a fool when I turn it on. Sometimes it crashes for days at a time. I get so frustrated with it that I just want to throw it off the expressway. What makes it really bad is whatever warranty I had on the thing is long expired and the money it would cost to fix it I might as well invest in a new one.

On a good note, I have been putting the word out to people that I am available for hire on production shoots. I have a few friends who have been in this business for a while and they get jobs all the time. I know they would appreciate some cheap labor. So I’m hoping working with them as an assistant will get me more notches on my belt and I can make some cash at the same time.

Being a production assistant gets a bad rep but PAs are truly the backbone to any production. Its one of those jobs that’s not for everyone but can be very rewarding if you allow it to be. You become exposed to every job in production. Then you can chose which hat you want to wear. I want to wear all the hats, not at once but eventually I want to wear each one so I can be more versatile.

Versatility is what has kept me so far in this business. I am not oppose to doing more than my share because in the end I will reap the benefits. Everything I do I make into a learning experience, even if it is something I have done 100 times before.

Last Saturday, there was a Prayer Breakfast at the church and I was responsible for making sure there was audio and video for the event. That was actually my first time setting up a church event that was not in the sanctuary but actually in the basement of the church. I had to remove some equipment from the audio booth in the sanctuary and hook it up in the basement of the church. Everything went smooth without a hitch and I was even able to put the equipment back together for Sunday morning service without any problems or help. *Blows gun barrel and puts in back in holster*

That was one of those times where I am not mad that I had to do it alone because it turned out to be a Blessing in disguise. Why was it a Blessing and not a curse? Because I learned some tricks that I can use later. I cannot afford to take certain opportunities for granted. I try to make the best of any situation. That is what you are suppose to do right, the world gives you lemons and you make lemonade. I don’t too much care for lemonade but I will make the best lemonade with the worst lemons if I have to.

Until next time,

The 80s’ Baby.

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