WeekIn Review April 12, 2013: If My Legs Could Talk For Me…

I am so grateful for all of my followers. You all have been loyal to me and if it wasn’t for you guys I probably would have quit this blog thing long ago. But because of you, I have to keep posting. I wish I had more to report as far as video or graphic projects but the fact that I still even check my email, read articles and post blogs is nothing short of a miracle. I could not let this week go by without giving you guys something.

This new job with the Post Office is sucking all the energy I have in my body plus some. I come home every day with only fumes keeping me going. All I do now is come home, eat dinner then I fall asleep. The good news is however, my body is starting to adjust to this daily physical activity. I compare it to going to the gym every day and doing what some gym rats would call  a leg day. It’s not the walking that’s bad it’s going up and down those stairs all day long that kills all of your energy. I am trying to work smart and not hard but I am still trying to get used to super multitasking all day. There is so much to remember when you make those deliveries. I did three days of hands on training where I shadowed one of the long time carriers then they gave me and another girl one route to share. Sounds like it would have made things easy but we spent majority of the time trying to figure out where we were going. We didn’t make it back to the station until just before 6 and we didn’t even deliver all the mail and parcels. The next day I went out on my own and although I didn’t bring any mail back to the station but I didn’t finish until 7! That was including the two carriers they sent out to help me. Needless to say they weren’t impressed but they are being understanding since I am just starting. I figured it can’t get any worse I can only get better, right?

Anyway, I am giving myself a few more weeks to get accustomed to the physical demands of this job and get to a point where I am not so exhausted when I get home. Hey I did manage to crank out this post that should count for something. I just hope that I don’t lose any of my loyal followers in the process.


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