WeekIn Review April 5, 2013

Hey Loyal Followers,

I could have sworn it was just January 1, 2013 but no it’s actually April 5th, 2013. That means that we are three months into 2013! One month shy of a full quarter.

I have been in training all week except for Monday and things are going smooth enough. So far I have been out during the day but home in the early evening hours. It’s weird because my schedule is completely different than when I had my old job. At my office job, I had a set schedule Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5pm but not my schedule is all over the place. Some days I have to be there at the crack of dawn then one day not until 12:30 in the afternoon. I am still going thru the adjustment phase but I am managing well if I may say so. My husband has been pretty supportive thru all this. He takes me where I need to go, helps out around the house and fuses at me to go to bed early, and when I say early I mean 9pm early at the latest, because he knows I am not a morning person and I struggle to get up and out the house on time most days.

Anyway, I have been focusing all my time and energy into this new job so I haven’t been as productive as I should be. I kind of miss working on a computer all day at my old job because it was easy to maintain my website and answer emails and stuff. Now I have to do it all on my phone and whatever I can’t do on my phone I have to wait until I get home. One thing I can say is that whenever I can I try to find ways to keep my skills fresh mostly by reading how to articles, and watching tutorials. I even started subscribing and reading to other blogs to find ways to make my blog better. It’s been contributing to my already email hording habit but I think it’s worth it. I like to research new software, equipment, techniques and ways to better promote my business. So it’s not all a complete lost but still not the perfect scenario.

I am trying to make the best lemonade I can with the lemons I was given. As long as I don’t give up I have no reason to feel like I failed. I have already done more with my business than I did in 2012 so every bit of those accomplishments count in my book. I can only go up from this point and beyond the sky is the limit for me. I got my eye on the prize and the only thing stopping me from getting that prize is death.

Until next time,

The 80s’ Baby.

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