WeekIn Review March 29, 2013: One Window Closes, Another Door Opens

Happy Good Friday Readers,

I know I missed last week. It was so much going on I just didn’t have a chance to post anything. I felt super guilty and vowed that I would not let another week go by without posting something. So here it is.

First thing, I left my old office job last week for a new job at the Post Office. I never in a million years thought I would trade in my white collar for a blue collar but the money is better than what I was making at my office job and there is a better chance of it actually leading to a real career whereas the office job was going nowhere fast. I prayed day and night for the good Lord to give me another job and that’s what he did. I have to learn to be more specific when I ask Him for things but I won’t complain I will just follow the steps He ordered for me and trust that it will lead to something great. It was a bitter sweet moment. In the two years I worked there, I had bonded with most of my co-workers. I will miss them but things happen for a reason and sometimes you have to close a window in your life in order to open a door to your destiny.

So on Monday I started my orientation and training with the Post Office and it has been quite an experience. The entire process hasn’t been the smoothest but since they are trying to train so many people at one time the attention to details has fallen to the waistline. I got everything taken care of finally and I am off until next Tuesday when I have to go to a facility for my driving certifications, which I have to get up at the crack of dawn so I can be on the other side of the city at 7am! Energy Shots must be on hand otherwise I will never make it until 2:30pm.

The second thing is I finally bought a new laptop. I love it. I am still learning how to use it because it is light years ahead of my old one. My husband wanted my old one so I told him that I would wipe off the hard drive like new and it was his. The thing is he doesn’t even use my old one he likes to use my new one. I don’t mind of course but I had originally planned to buy a new battery for my old one and sell it so we would have been sharing the new one anyway. However if he wants my old one than I won’t try to sell it but will still buy a new battery for it because it will not stay on unless the charger is connected.

I am still in the process of installing programs and transferring files from the old laptop onto my new laptop but I already feel at ease whenever I turn it on because I won’t have to worry about so many technical issues like before. I am going to spend these next few free days I have to catch up on some work and get my new computer to where it needs to be so I’m not wasting time downloading and installing software and I can just get right to business.

As far as my schedule, that hasn’t been sorted out yet. It’s kind of hard to establish any kind of daily routine until I know what my work schedule will be. I found out that my schedule can change daily so I just have to be flexible and make each free minute count. At least the station I was assigned to is not that far from my house so the commute won’t be a burden to me.

Lastly, I am also feeling guilty for not only having to cancel my appointment with Nancy, my business mentor with no reschedule date but I didn’t even finish my business plan. I did try to start it but you already know that I kept putting it off until eventually it didn’t get done. But I promised myself that before my casket drops I will write my business plan and expenses and income spreadsheet.

Well that’s all for now. I will keep you posted on how things shape up and I never want to miss another post again.

See ya next week,

The 80’s Baby

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