Weekin Review March 15th, 2013: Short but Sweet

Happy Friday,

Well I have some good things to report and some not so good things to report. I am going to keep this post short but sweet and start with the not so good things. I was still unable to get much done in the way of projects but I did a lot of research about online marketing. I received a blog question about creating an online presence and I had to do my homework. I think I handled that well. I even signed up for some online marketing services for myself. The question with response will be posted Monday morning.

I was still having some problems with my computer so I decided to do what is called a disk defragmentation. See what happens is sometimes the files on your drive break up and become what’s called well fragmented and a disk refrag just puts them back together. It’s one of those system maintenance things you have to do regularly. It takes a long time to go through the entire system but I don’t have to do anything but start it and then off it goes. All computers come with this function it is usually can be found the accessories and system tools on you Start menu.

I usually like to do it late at night or if I know I will be away for a long time. I also make sure that I do not run any other program during that process so it doesn’t counter any interference. Since then, my system does run a little bit smoother. I did however decide to hold off on working on projects until I got my new computer which will be in the next week. My dear husband is tired of hearing his wife complain about her laptop so he is buying me a new one. Gotta love those husbands.

The last thing for me to report on is on March 25 I will be starting a new job at the Post Office. This will require a huge amount of my time and energy. I do not want it to interfere with my business so I have one week to get my affairs in order to work something out. As soon as I figure it out, implementation will be swift. I still have to work on my business plan and since I will obviously miss my next appointment with my mentor, I still want to have something to show her and maybe we can work by email.

I am anxious to start this job though because it makes more money than I am making now. But with this comes sacrifice and that’s a part of life.

See you next week,

The 80s’ Baby

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