Weekin Review March 8, 2013: Turn Back Time


This is a bitter sweet moment for me. On one side I’m elated as always to see another Friday but on the flip side I feel bad since I didn’t get much work done this week. In last Friday’s blog, I had several tasks that I wanted to tackle this week. I am unhappy to announce that I only started one of those tasks which were making some enhancements to my website.

I created a new page called The Gallery. It will have videos and pictures of some of my work including the Miller Genuine Draft beer commercial. Sort of like an online resume reel I can share with the world. I also removed the part of my website where I was posting news stories. I decided to do away with that for now seeing as though I was not keeping it updated. It was nice at first but I then soon lost interest in it and decided to focus my energy into this blog. I am much happier with the blog than I was with posting news stories from other websites.

Also in the past week I did partake in two activities that were not on my task list but I still look forward to working with. The first thing was a MC competition that took place last Thursday (2.28) at a club called The Rap Factory on the West Side of Chicago. I thought that my friend Jason, who goes by the name Coach Da TP, was going to be the opening act for some other artists but it turned out to be a contest for Chicago rappers to compete for a feature on a track from some nationally known Chicago Artist and three months worth of radio play. It wasn’t a bad thing it just turned out to be something different from what I was expecting. Jason had hoped to bring an entourage of people but it turned out to be just myself, Aja, Jason and his girlfriend. I think they had about twenty artists in total expected to perform that night but luckily Jason was number three. I thought he did well. Aja and I recorded his performance on our cameras and I handed the footage from my camera over to Aja to edit.

The second event was on Saturday when my husband, OJ and I went to the World of Wheel in Rosemont. The World of Wheels is a custom automobile trade show. OJ is really into cars particularly custom built race cars. He even bought himself one last fall and plans to rebuild it for racing. Anyway, we were there with my camera in tow and I must have taken about 100 pictures and even some video. We walked around that convention center until we saw ever vehicle in the place then our feet just gave out. I am going to create a little slide show with the pictures for him and will probably try to document his progress on his car with picture and videos, kind of life a scrap book for him to keep.

Now you are probably curious to know what kept me from finishing more of those tasks I had from last week. Well remember a few weeks back when I told you my computer doesn’t like to play nice with me sometimes? Well this was one of those times. I would be working on it for a while then it would just quit on me. It would freeze and crash or just move at the pace of a sloth until finally I would just close the thing and say the Hell with it. By Wednesday, I just wanted to throw it off of the bridge. I cannot wait to replace it then that will be one less obstacle to deal with.

Another reason I am kind of dreading this weekend is because Sunday is when I have to move my clock an hour forward meaning I lose an hour of my day. I think I will miss that extra hour of sleep mostly but after a few days I won’t even notice it missing anymore. So don’t forget this Sunday at 1am set your clock to 2am. Hey wait, did anyone else deadlines just become a little closer like mines did?

Hopefully I didn’t disappoint anyone this week by not having more to share. I do however anticipate being more productive next week and I should have more things to divulge with you.

Until next week,

The 80s’ Baby


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