WeekIn Review March 1, 2013: A Fail To Plan Is A Plan To Fail

Well we have come to the end of the second month in 2013. I can’t believe that it is March and in about 19 days Spring will start and soon after that Summer. I can’t wait until the weather warms up and the sun stays out longer. It tricks my mind into thinking the days are longer. In actuality I lose an hour due to the time change but it doesn’t bother me so much because the weather is anything but cold and it’s daylight until 9pm.

In last week’s WeekIn Review, I told you that I had an appointment with a business mentor. Well I did in fact keep my appointment and it was just as good as I expected it to be. My mentor was a woman named Nancy who has a background in marketing and public relations. I was so glad to hear her say that because one of the areas I need the most help in is marketing. She has been in marketing for a long time so I know she will have plenty to offer. Another thing about her I loved is her expertise of technology. She had an iPhone and an iPad. Plus, she was familiar with web development tools and very comfortable navigating the Internet.

Why was I so impressed? Well let’s just say that the majority of her age group still uses a flip phone and doesn’t even know how to use the Internet, let alone have an email address. Another reason she impressed me was because she was willing to give back to the next generation of entrepreneurs by volunteering her time.

Nancy gave me two assignments, one was to write a business plan, which I have been dreading but she has offered to help me. She gave me a template to use from a website and even offered to go over my first draft and edit it with me. I know I need a one but they can be intimidating because of all the detail required. However, I thought about this quote I heard years ago by Winston Churchill, “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. Since I definitely don’t plan to fail I guess I need to put my big girl pants on and get to writing.

My second homework assignment is to create a budget for my business and complete a cash flow spread sheet. This calls for me to write down my expenses and income on a spread sheet template. Luckily I have until my next appointment with Nancy, which is a month from now to complete these homework assignments. As my faithful followers know, the biggest challenge with these assignments will be me not waiting until the last minute to start on them. I will be needing all of you to keep me in your prayers on this. Thanks in advance.

Besides the meeting with my mentor, I made a few other moves this week. I started making changes to my website this week and will be continuing to do so for the next couple of weeks. I am creating another page called The Gallery that I will be uploading all my videos and pictures to. I am also making some changes to my social media networks so everything that flows a little better.

Last Saturday, I videotaped my two dogs in a training class. I plan to use that video and some pictures to create a commercial and flyers for my husband, OJ & I dog breeding business. The name of our dog breeding business will be OG Puppies. My husband has really been the driving force behind this business. He has been the primary caretaker of both of the dogs since we got them. We are the proud parents of two crazy but lovable American Stafford shire Terrier, better known as pit bulls. I can’t recall their bloodlines but I know they come from good stock.

I have always been an animal lover but they are so much work. They are just like kids that never grow up. The only two differences are that they don’t use words when they speak and you never need a babysitter for them. They really are sweet dogs but they can overwork my last good nerve sometimes.

Anyway, I will be responsible for marketing and bookkeeping probably and he will be handling the actual dog care and breeding. I mean I will be helping with the dogs two. Somebody has to hold the camera during all this, right?

Til next week,
The 80s’ Baby

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