WeekIn Review Feb. 8, 2013: Thank God It’s Friday!!!!!

First things first, I just want to thank the good Lord above for getting me through another week. I absolutely could not have done it without Him. In general, I would say that I had a pretty good week. Most of all I am proud of myself for starting this blog two weeks ago and for seriously implementing it into my weekly schedule. I gained some new followers and even started getting a few emails from people seeking my advice. Answering questions every week has become a challenge I look forward to tackling. I appreciate all of my followers and this blog would be nothing without them.

A little over a month ago, my good friend and business partner, Aja and I shot a demo commercial for Miller Genuine Draft beer. We used my husband, OJ and his 7 friends as actors. I am using the term actors loosely because they didn’t have to act given that they were just being themselves. The scene was an average Sunday afternoon. The Bears game starts in 30 seconds and there was no beer. Needless to say, panic ensues. The guys, whom I have affectionately named the MGD Committee, are serious about their beer and no other brand will do. They have a set of rules that must be followed or else “No Game For You”. I waited until half-time on Super Bowl Sunday to premiere it and they loved it. It was as if it was aired during the official NFL Half-Time Show. You couldn’t tell them they weren’t Hollywood Bound.

We had a blast working on that commercial. Aja and I have been working on a mixture of video projects, trying to make our dreams of becoming Chicago’s one stop shop for video production a reality. So we decided to make our own lane as appose to waiting on someone else to open theirs to us. We plan on doing as many projects as humanly possible then we want to shop them to investors and television studios for financial support and air time.

I am also proud to announce that this month marks three years as the Media Ministry Leader at my church. My responsibilities include overseeing all media functions of the church. I honestly had no idea I would be worked this hard when I agreed to do the job. It takes so much to run a church service efficiently. I quit just about every week because I often feel overworked and undervalued. Nevertheless, I always come back the next Sunday.

The best way for me to describe why I come back every week is with a quote from a sermon of my pastor a few months back. He said “it’s not the desire but the commitment that should bring you back”. He is so right because if I had to rely on my desire I would have quit after the first few months. However, my commitment to my church is what makes me return week after week. My ministry team is pretty small but even with them I still feel as though I am left carrying the bulk of the load. People come up to me all the time offering to volunteer but they are either not reliable or incapable of actually helping me.

One bright spot about being the Media Ministry Leader is that it does keep my skills fresh. It builds my confidence and I don’t feel all rusty between jobs. Maybe that is why I keep coming back every week, my commitment to the church and my skills stay fresh, I guess I can live with that.

I feel comfortable sticking my chest out after the week I had. It may not seem like much to some but for me these are what I consider my humble beginnings. I just know that one day I am going to look back at all of this and laugh. Although I may feel like giving up sometimes, I owe it to myself not to. I want to have more to show for my life than student loans. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth so making it will in no way be easy and I just have to persevere.

Until next time,

The 80s’ Baby


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