Stop The Violence: Mother Of 3 Dies After Chicago Shooting Spree

One of the two shooting sprees occurring in Chicago Monday (July 23) has claimed the life of another victim. A mother of three was pronounced dead at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, Tuesday (July 24).

Janeen Hancock, 34, was shot in the abdomen and thigh, as she sat in the park with her aunt. The two were among those enjoying the hot weather in the city, when two gunmen opened fire hitting four people. “I listen to the news every day and see victims being shot and killed, but I could never put myself there. Now to put myself there, it’s just unreal. I can’t believe it,” said Hancock’s grandmother, Irma.

According to her brother, after being shot, Hancock was talking and did not appear to be seriously hurt, but her condition quickly worsened while on her way to the hospital. She was placed on life support, and died the next day. Hancock is survived by her three children, ages 10, 6, and 5, who will be informed of their mother’s death by their great-grandmother, Irma. “Her kids loved her so much,” Irma added. “She took care of them the best she could.”

Hancock is the second person to die in the dual shootings that injured a total of 6 people. 17-year-old Alixi Johnson was the first person confirmed dead from a gunshot wound to the neck.

Gun violence in the city also claimed the life of 26-year-old , Roshone Eldridge who was shot in the face last weekend while sitting on his porch. Eldridge was one of three killed, and 19 wounded, during another deadly weekend in Chicago.




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