Suge Knight Has Not Been Arrested for Killing Tupac: Twitter Reacts


Suge Knight popped up a while back during the whole 2Pac hologram ordeal, during which the former mogul claimed that the deceased rapper might still be alive because “nobody has seen him dead”. That’s a sound enough theory, and actually has much more weight than some of the other conspiracies I’ve read on the subject.

Today, however, has found Knight at the very top of Yahoo! trends, which prompted me to look into why, precisely, everyone was suddenly interested in him. Outside of an article detailing a recent episode of VH1′s “Behind the Music”, I couldn’t figure out why. Then I took to Twitter, which revealed a most interesting rumor: Suge Knight has been arrested for the murder of 2Pac, and he’s currently sweating bullets behind bars. As you may already have guessed, this is pretty far from the truth.

Apparently a fabricated news clip from 2010 has confused the bejesus out of 2Pac fans, prompting many to believe that Knight had been tossed in the proverbial slammer. In fact, Twitter has been exploding with people curious about the validity of these rumors. The clip, which you can watch below, has been pieced together from various videos and news stories surrounding the late rapper’s untimely demise. The mention of Knight being arrested was lifted from an unrelated story and added to make it appear as though it was somehow related to 2Pac.

In related news, Suge Knight recently paid a visit to a local radio program, where he suggested that 95% of rappers are closet homosexuals, including rap legend Dr. Dre. Now, given the storied history between Knight and Dre, everything the big guy says should be taken with a grain of salt.

Curious to see what other folks have thought about the rumors? You can read through a small gathering of tweets below. And for the record, 2Pac is still dead, his murder is currently unsolved, and, as far as anyone can officially tell at this moment in time, Knight had nothing to do with it.

However, feel free to leave your own theories in our comments section.


Suge Knight Has Not Been Arrested for Killing Tupac: Twitter Reacts | WebProNews.


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