Heather Headley To Play Whitney Houston’s Role in The BodyGuard On Broadway


While tons of celebs’ names are getting tossed around as potentials to portray Whitney Houston in an upcoming biopic, we already know who’ll be playing the famed singer on Broadway, Heather Headley. The Trinidadian-American singer has just been named the lead in the “Bodyguard” musical opening at London’s Adelphi Theatre in December, and she’s ecstatic about the opportunity.

“It’s going to be the greatest challenge of my life, but I’m ready to step into those heels,” Headley told BBC News.

Though everyone knows Whitney Houston as Rachel Marron from the 1992 film, Headley said she doesn’t want to live in the deceased singer’s shadow as she takes on this role.

“You don’t want people to compare you to Whitney. I didn’t want it before and especially not now after her passing. I want people to come in and say this is Heather’s version – this is Heather playing Rachel Marron and singing Whitney songs.

“I am always trying to find a way to make them my own but still acknowledge and keep the integrity of her music.”

The musical will feature Whitney’s biggest hits, like “Saving All My Love,” “How Will I Know,” “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” and most memorable of all, “I Will Always Love You.” Though there’s a lot of pressure on Heather Headley in this production, many are curious just how well Kevin Costner’s tough character Frank Farmer, which will be played by British actor Lloyd Owen, will translate in musical form. Owen says not to worry.

“If you think of Frank Farmer singing and tap-dancing, he loses his enigma and it could potentially be quite cheesy. That’s not the case in this.”

Opening day for the musical is December 6.



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