Hey Young World!

If you are reading this post you have made the wise decision to visit The 80s’ Baby Blog. Let me first start off by saying thanks or “preciate the luv”. Second, let me give you the Tea on what this blog will be about.

First & foremost, I am what you can call a Multi-Media Specialist, meaning I specialize in just about all things Media. Video production… I do it. Video & photo editing… I do it. Graphic design and advertisements… I do it. Web design… I do it. Social Media branding & networking…I do it. I could go on but I wont. If you want to know more then send me a line

The second purpose of this blog is to keep you in tune with the latest news in Entertainment, Tech, Sports and event local current events.

And the last purpose is just speaking whatever is on my mind and there is always something on my mind.

So check this blog daily for new posts. And just to make sure you dont miss a beat from The 80s’ Baby, follow The 80’s Baby Net on Twitter & Facebook oh and of course this blog.


About The 80s' Baby Network

I am what you would call a Multi-Media Specialist. I do all things media. Media is my life. My blog will be a source for your Media needs including but not limited to video production, editing, graphic design as well as Current Events, Entertainment & Tech news. You want it? The 80s' Baby got it...."Bring Your Vision To Life"

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